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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can you drive to another state?
A: Due to our Department of Transportation (DOT) Standing & Certification, we are allowed to cross state lines. Be sure to check any company's DOT Number before booking to go out of state to make sure they are not breaking the law and putting their clients at risk. Our DOT Number is 2337202.
Q: Can I drink alchohol in the vehicle?
A: Yes, state law requires a partition to separate passengers and drivers. Ask us what vehicles are equipped with partitions.
Q: What qualifications do your drivers have?
A: Commercial Driver's License (CDL), Aiport Background Check, and a drug-tested background check.
Q: What kind of insurance do you have?
A: Other limousine companies tell you one million dollar policies are enough, but that is completely false. According to Federal DOT Guidelines for the state of Utah, a passenger carrier service is required to have a five million dollar insurance policy, which is what we have here at VIPLimousine in SLC, Utah.
Q: What is included in your pricing?
A: EVERYTHING!! Gas, miles, taxes and minimum gratuity.
Q: Can we come see the vehicles before we book?
A: Yes, by appointment only. Call 801-288-9494 to schedule.

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