August 2019
Convention Season!

Convention Season!

As August has hit Utah, with it comes convention time! Downtown Salt Lake City and the suburbs are buzzing with events before school resumes. We at VIP Limousine have been at the center of it all. With guests traveling into the Salt Lake City International Airport, to downtown hotels and the University of Utah, and to Park City and Utah County, our fleet and chauffeurs have been everywhere. Just like how busy the convention centers in Los Angeles and the convention centers in Las Vegas, our very own in Utah are doing the same. So how do we do it?

The simple answer is preparation. The long answer is a bit trickier, especially when working with multiple clients at once. Our fleet has to be up to snuff, and then some, in order to deal with the heat and wear and tear. We have all hands on deck with our staff and chauffeurs, as well as reinforcements in case the unexpected occurs. Spending an entire day at the airport making sure that our passengers get where they need to go. That’s just a part of what we do.

Ultimately, we wound up using 5 limousines and the majority of our fleet. We had extra assistance on the ground at the airport. They also stayed in constant communication with chauffeurs, clients, and the event organizers. We dealt with any changes and had contingency plans in place for all of our clients across the Wasatch Front. If anybody got lost at the airport, we made sure to contact them and not leave them behind.

Setting a record number of trips, our entire team worked around the clock to pull off some of the biggest-caliber work in the history of the company, proving once again that our team runs the preeminent limousine service in Utah. Thank you to our clients for your trust in our service during this convention season !


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