October 2019
Safety First: Fleet Maintenance

Safety First: Fleet Maintenance

Our fleet is the pride, joy, and backbone of VIP Limousine. With passengers across the Wasatch Front trusting us for 30 years, our Salt Lake City-based service has run reliably, comfortably, and safely since inception. Fleet maintenance is an integral part of our daily routine.

Our Standards

Part of how we do this is by maintaining our fleet to high standards, with safety always coming first. A transportation company can have the best service and the snazziest fleet, but if they can’t get you there in one piece and on time, there’s no point. Our preventative fleet maintenance program ensures that there are no troubles on the road.

One thing we do at VIP Limousine is follow safety standards which exceed industry and state minimums. We check our vehicles on a set schedule with multi-point inspections done by certified mechanics. Chauffeurs point out anything out of the ordinary to us immediately, and we make sure the affected vehicle is safe to send out first before it returns to service.

Utah does have a distinction of being a hot and high state, with a desert climate and tall mountains. Vehicle cooling systems are crucial for comfortable and safe operation. We inspect ours thoroughly prior and throughout the summer months so engines run smoothly. This also ensures that we can take our vehicles up and down steep gradients without sweating. We don’t want our vehicles steaming by the side of the road, too.

Spot the Experts

When you are searching for airport shuttle, black car or limo service, be sure to ask the critical questions about your safety. At VIP Limousine, we can answer all of them with confidence, honesty, and accuracy.

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