August 2019
Summertime Soirée

Summertime Soirée

What do you call 200 people, catering, make-up samples, a jammed church parking lot, VIP Limousine‘s Escalade, and a white-out theme at a party?

It’s called a summertime soirée!

The Salt Lake valley is churning with events amok during the summertime. These spill beyond the reaches of the capital city limits. Our VP of Operations, Philip took our Escalade down to the city of Draper for an event hosted by Jordan Page. Jordan is a local celebrity amongst Utah families and moms. She had prior guestings on national and international talk shows. These include heavy hitters such as Rachael Ray and Today on NBC and in Australia. She also knows how to throw a mean party featuring local businesses, such as Costa Vida, Sodalicious, and Shine Cosmetics.

We like to show up early for events, driving the route in advance and setting up to coordinate with other attendees and businesses.

This helps us operate most effectively. Sheen, Dalton, and Chip, all representatives for Shine, helped set up in the parking lot for make-up trials and touch-up.They also created space to park cars, pull up the limo, and get attendees lined up.

Since everyone will be busy all night for Page Summer Soiree, we made sure that those who wanted a picture with the limousine before the party starts, got one. Some of the hosts also got into a themed costume for the night. We stocked up our business cards throughout the limo for those who wanted to take one. We broughtSummertime Soiree water and ice, and got a little creative with the chalk window marker.

Once guests began to arrive, we started the limo shuttle service.

We were winding through Draper neighborhoods in the long black Cadillac Escalade limo. From the church parking lot to the Page residence, we made 1 round trip every 10 minutes or so. With the air conditioning on full and the stereo blaring from Bluetooth, it was a cool and comfy party! For the next 5 hours, Sheen touched up make-up and Dalton got everybody fired up.

Upon arrival at the residence, the overhead drone captured shots of guests exiting the limo and gathering around the entrance. Attendees going through to a photo booth and tents with reps and products from different companies was next. Many did a livestream of the ride, sharing it with all of their followers, and some requested extra pictures, too.

After a brief break downing some extra ice cream sandwiches, our guy got back to it taking attendees back to the parking lot. With darkness falling, the opera lights on the side of the limo, coupled with the LED and xenon lights, lit up the night sharply. Their long Cadillac chariot rolled through the neighborhood once more.

Summer Soiree was definitely a fun event! Local and small businesses are what drive Utah’s economy. This can influence beyond the state borders, too, especially since many of them are adopting an online presence.

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