March 2020
VIP Limousine and the Pandemic

VIP Limousine and the Pandemic

VIP Limousine was on track to have an amazing year. We say “was” due to what’s happened with the Corona virus pandemic, or COVID-19. Utah’s economy halted, and along with it, so did business. Prom and graduation cancellations amok scrambled our neighbors’ plans, leaving students heartbroken. It’s been a tough time so far, and we’re probably not even in the thick of it as of this writing. Our chauffeurs are not moving at all, and thus neither are our vehicles.

Our management team decided to use the time to make some improvements to the fleet. Wear and tear over the years on limousines adds up, and due to the continual flow of business we rarely have time to address changes, though we refuse to skimp on maintenance.

We’re currently in the process of cleaning up corrosion left behind by the Salt Lake City region’s road salt.

Our white Hummer and black Hummer will be receiving new entry steps which are far more solid than the factory build. We’re applying touch-up paint as needed to each vehicle to preserve appearances. This is along with conditioning the plastics so they have their original gloss. Deep cleaning? You got it! We have a thorough detailing procedure working from nose to tail of every part of our fleet.

In conjunction with these efforts, we’re using the time to highlight our efforts to keep our passengers safe from this pandemic. Stay tuned for vlogs and videos related to this matter. Since we don’t have as much work happening on the road, it’s time for us to get creative and entertaining, and perhaps a bit silly. We will come back at the end of all of this stronger and better than before. In time we’ll be ready to see you on the road. All of these efforts are part of our drive to continually improve and be a part of the #DrivenBetter difference.

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