June 2020
VIP Limousine adapts Utah New Normal

VIP Limousine adapts Utah New Normal

The term new normal is currently making a buzz. Mass gatherings were suspended. Schools are now converting their learning approaches. Company meetings are now done online. Weddings, proms and graduations were postponed.

Businesses around the world suffered the economic decline brought about by this sad chapter in our lives. In line with this, the saying “nowhere to go but up” seems timely because of the situation we are in.

Picking up the pieces

New normal restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops observe social distancing. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart from each other is encouraged. Along with this, wearing of masks is necessary before entering the premises. Hand sanitizers are also in place. In addition to this, KSL recently reported that  Salt Lake City loosens its restrictions to businesses operating outdoors.

Land travel safety

For us in the limousine service industry (or the transportation sector for that matter),  we have added safety measures to ensure that our clientele is safe during each trip. We recently installed protective shields in our vehicles as part of our new normal.  Other safety measures such as thorough sanitation of each vehicle are observed.

new normal shieldCar parts that passengers normally touch are extra clean. These include door handles, climate control buttons and grab handles, among others. Luckily, the existing partitions between driver and passengers has been a great advantage of our limousines.

Air travel additional check-in step

United Airlines recently announced that they have added a step during check-ins. They call it the Ready to Fly checklist. This checklist includes reminders about the symptoms of Covid-19. It also encourages the use of face masks during flights. The list asks questions regarding previous contact with someone positive with Covid-19 as well as their recent travel history.

Limitations to Number of Churchgoers

Time for worship is essential in our lives. However, we can never be too careful. It is important that we maintain a safe distance. In some cases, church gatherings may have households and families collected in the same area. For most congregations, they have set a maximum of 99 attendees at a time.


This new normal is testing our strength as a nation. Likewise, our self-discipline is something that we should have at all times in order to survive. Some may be doing protests because they do not want to adhere to the precautionary measures encouraged during this trying times. However, we only have one life. You can never go wrong by being careful.

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