July 2020
Oh my Ogden!

Oh my Ogden!

Ogden is a city in Utah known for its historic buildings as well as its historic 25th Street. This city is located north of Salt Lake and has a population of 87,000 + and an area of 71 square kilometers, just a quarter of Salt Lake City’s area. Ogden may be relatively small, but it captivates the hearts of tourists both local and international.

Historic Sites
25th Street
Historic 25th Street
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Some refer to it as H25 (H-two-five) or two-bit street, this piece of history was once known for opium dens, gambling houses and brothels. Now, this is a haven for lovers of art, food and shopping. 25th Street is home to tattoo shops, live music, art galleries, Ogden Ampitheater and Art House Cinema, among others.

Kids enjoy strolling through the Municipal Gardens and the Historic Union Station.The whole stretch of this historic street boasts of many hotels where tourists can be accommodated during their stay in Ogden.

George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Located oGeorge Eccles Dinosaur Parkn East Park Blvd., George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park houses more than 100 dinosaur replicas on its 5-acre park. It has a massive playground and a hands-on museum. This Dinosaur Park offers group tours for field trips as well as individual and family admissions.


Gateway to Ski Resorts

Ogden is located in the center of ski resorts in Utah. Nordic Valley is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Ogden. It has the largest night skiing operations and is considered most affordable in the West. Meanwhile, the venue of downhill, combined and Super-G events of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games was chosen to be held at the mountains of Snowbasin Resort. Beautiful lodges are also located here. Finally, Powder Mountain Resort, which is located just 19 miles northeast of Ogden, is such a majestic beauty for the eyes. At 5,500 acres, it has more acreage than any ski resort in the country.

Snowbasin Resort

How To Get to Ogden

Getting to Ogden from Salt Lake City International Airport is quite easy. Most tourists opt to book an SUV in advance to get to Ogden so they do not have to worry about parking or hailing a cab. Also, chauffeured transportation companies such as VIP Limousine can also take them to the ski resorts aboard regular or luxury SUVs. Some opt to have a night out at 25th Street in a party bus or a limo along with their friends while in Ogden. Need to book a ride? Click here.


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