September 2020
The New SLC International Airport

The New SLC International Airport

In with the New


The new SLC Airport has finally opened its doors last Tuesday, September 15, 2020. The first phase of this $4.1 Billion project has been completed and Utah is very excited about it. Covid-19 had put everyone to a test, and Utah was not spared. However, the virus may have halted the construction of the new airport in Salt Lake City, but it did not completely stop The New SLC to push through with the state’s biggest public works project to date.

The west portion of Concourse A, a new terminal and parking garage opened at 4 am. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall along with Delta Airlines Vice President Eric Phillips were present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place at the new airport’s concourse. Delta Airlines has been very instrumental in this project. Concourse A houses Delta Airlines’ gates exclusively.  

There’s Always a First


Meanwhile, the first flight to take off from this new architectural marvel was bound for Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, a plane that came from Fresno, California was the first flight to depart from the new SLC Airport. In fact, the first phase of this new SLC airport has 49 elevators, 29 escalators and 18 walkalators. Its baggage claim has a total of 7 miles of conveyor belts. They have 18,000 security cameras to ensure all spots and angles are covered.

Of course, Mayor Mendenhall takes pride in this project for being built without a dollar of taxes from Utah. Indeed, it was built using funds from the airport’s revenue. The New SLC Airport was a project that started 6 years ago and is proud to say that this is the first new US hub airport in the 21st century. 50 foot floor to ceiling windows that shows the breathtaking sight of the Wasatch Mountains can be viewed at The Plaza. This is the grand entrance in the terminal building connected to Concourse A.

The best is yet to come


Next, Concourse B is scheduled to open sometime in October 2020. Furthermore, tourists and even locals are definitely excited about this project that is slowly coming to life. More convenient amenities will be included in the next phase of the project. Definitely, the project aims to have a more comfortable and hassle-free experience in the airport especially with baggage claim.

Ground Transportation


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