November 2020
The Quinceañera Experts at Your Service

The Quinceañera Experts at Your Service

Quinceañera and the Hispanic culture

The Fiesta de Quinceañera or Fiesta de quinceaños has cultural roots from Mesoamerica and is now widely celebrated throughout the Americas. The girl celebrating her 15th birthday is the quinceañera, which literally translates to the feminine form of “15-year-old.”. In America, the term quinceañera is used to refer to the celebration honoring the girl celebrating her 15th birthday. In most Latin and Spanish countries, the term is only used to refer to the honoree. Let’s learn more about this wonderful celebration rooted from a very rich culture.

Limo Van Quinceanera

The First and The Best in Birthday Parties

Talking about Quinceañeras, we take pride in having the longest experience in making this celebration memorable. In fact, in the history of Utah transportation services, VIP Limousine was the first company to hold a quinceañera in a limousine. Yes, we are the first! The Hispanic community is very close to the hearts of VIP’s team members, especially the owner, Jeff Netto. This is also the reason that he trained the team well to provide the best quinceañera experience the quince and her family ever hoped for.

 I lived 2 years in Mexico and I loved and embraced their beautiful culture and their food. In living in Cuernavaca Morelos for 2 years, I was embraced by the community with loving arms… and for that I will always be grateful to our Hispanic community.- Jeff Netto


What Goes on During a Quinceañera?

First, the typical Quinceañera occurs at the home of the 15 year old girl.  From the residence, we take them to the church for some religious ceremonies.  This portion of the event is more detailed and usually bigger than a Catholic wedding. Intrigued? You should be!

Definitely, this is such an important part of their tradition. 99% of Quinceañeras have a church ceremony.  The church session takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

The quince (girl) and her Chambelanes (boys that dote on the quince all day long) take a bunch of pictures outside the church and while they get into the limo.  Next, we take them to several places like tourist spots to take more pictures.  The official photographer tells us where to go next for the photoshoot.  The most common places are the Utah State Capitol Building and the International Peace Gardens.  These scenic spots are the two most loved by quinces. From there, the quince and her Chambelanes will drive around bumping their music. The party actually starts inside our limo! Finally, they will be dropped off at the Salon (event center).

It is expected that food, music and dancing will be part of the celebration at the event center.  The Hispanic and Latin community is very well-known for their sumptuous food that makes everyone wanting for more. Frankly, they sure know how to party in those formal outfits, too! For the first dance, the quince is brought out on a chair carried by the Chambelanes.  Once she arrives into the ballroom, she will be greeted by her father followed by the actual first dance.  This symbolizes the quince’s transition from a girl to a woman. This is the main reason that we are so happy to be part of these events.

Quinceaneras with VIP Limousine

Even Chauffeurs Enjoy


Indeed, VIP Limousine chauffeurs look forward to quinceañera trips because they learn more about the rich culture of the Hispanic community. Moreover, they get to see the very wonderful colors of the outfits that the family wears. Ultimately, quinceañera makes up one of the biggest part of events that VIP regularly caters to. Ultimately, to be trusted with the transportation of the quince and her chambelanes is such an honor for us.

VIP Limousine has been in the transportation industry for more than 3 decades now. We service the whole state of Utah and also do interstate travels. Even high profile executives and Hollywood celebrities trust their safety with VIP Limousine during their travels. Airport shuttle, proms, weddings, black car and limo service are some of the services that we offer.

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Written by V. Vitug with J. Netto

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