January 2020
Thank you, 2020! Welcome 2021!

Thank you, 2020! Welcome 2021!


2020 had been a very challenging year for the world

That includes our team in VIP Limousine.

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2020 gave us a very good start because of our success in providing transportation services to Hollywood A-Listers who attended the Sundance Film Festival. The whole VIP Limousine Team worked really hard for this event. All hands on deck. Then came the pandemic. The transportation industry has been hit pretty hard and is barely surviving.

VIP Limousine remained steadfast in our commitment to give our clients the #drivenbetter experience that they deserve. Evidently, our team has members who helped us in every single way they can so we can still continue with our operations while on this new normal phase of our lives. A number of transportation companies in the state of Utah went out of business because of the very limited number of people needing shuttle in the airport. This was brought about by the very few number of travels, most of which are business trips and not leisure.


Our more than 3 decades of experience in the transportation industry

We have a great number of clients who trust us with their lives while on the road being driven in our vehicles. Locals and tourists alike have faith in what we do. That alone motivated us to come through and pursue our passion despite all the challenges. There were tons of adjustments we had to make. Health and safety protocols were followed. We are proud of what our team members can do during these challenging times.  Our company is so honored to have amazing people who can adapt to the new normal with smiles on their faces that tell us everything will be better tomorrow.


Never doubted

QuinceaneraWe only give our best when it comes to service. Luckily, we continuously receive reservation requests the whole year. Since VIP Limousine has been known to be the best limo company for quinceaneras, this is where majority of our limo bookings went. Additionally, new normal weddings started to be a thing. We are happy to be part of momentous events like these. It was a first for us as well as the couples!


Airport shuttle continued to be part of our daily routine along with limo birthday parties. We cannot be more grateful to the clients who still request to be picked up or dropped off by our chauffeurs at the airport.


Bringing you the venue

limo meeting

Furthermore, our team came up with one of the best services we offered in the history of VIP Limousine. While business owners were too afraid to get out of their houses to do their meetings in the office and get exposed to other coworkers, we came up with the idea of doing limo meetings. We brought the venue to business owners to avoid getting exposed to other people not essential in their meetings. This was also done by families who just wanted to give their kids time to see the outside world in the comforts of our limo, shielded from the fear of getting the virus.


vice presidential debate

Vice Presidential Debate

One highlight of VIP Limousine’s 2020 experience was the Vice Presidential Debate held at the University of Utah. Fox News gave us a big opportunity to transport their news anchors for this event. This is definitely one for the books.



We can’t cancel Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year

Fortunately, Utah still has a very positive outlook in life and never forgets that during these uncertain times, we can still celebrate the holidays. Even in limousines. Thanksgiving reservations were great. Our #LimoChristmas is still a crowd favorite even when there is a global pandemic. Some families and some small groups of friends opted to see the Christmas lights displays all around Utah while in our limos. Indeed, this is a show stopper during the holidays. Equally important to note that New Year’s Eve limo rides are always fail-proof. Saying goodbye to 2020 plus 2021 countdown is definitely awesome if you have a limousine waiting for you.


In summary, 2020 gave us major ups and downs as a company. Though 2021 is still uncertain, we are hopeful that things will be better for soon. This industry and everyone else patronizing our services mean so much to us. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to drive you soon!


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