April 2021
Mental Health: Self Care is NOT Selfish

Mental Health: Self Care is NOT Selfish

How are you?

How is your mental health? A year has passed since we first got overwhelmed with a situation that’s new to everyone. We had no choice but to rise above the difficulties of the new normal. Our resilience has been tested. Everyone around the globe were advised to stay home as much as possible. But how did this affect us mentally? Yes, we understand the risks if we will go out, but being at home all day, everyday and not doing the stuff you got used to for years won’t feel right for anyone if the situation has been going on for a year. So now that the vaccine’s out, are we all good? Are we feeling good and as normal as before?

We pulled through. But it was never easy.

Some say that for introverts, there was just a little bit of an adjustment that they had to do when the “stay at home” directive was given to the public. It might be an easier adjustment for some, but still, everyone had to adjust. Come to think of it, flights were cancelled. Family gatherings were cancelled. Weddings, proms and quinceaneras were postponed. Imagine the burden for parents to tell their almost fifteen year old daughter that they need to move her quinceanera next year when she’s not even quince (fifteen) anymore!

Our corporate clients who had no choice but to do their business meetings physically, trusted our black car service for long drives such as interstate travels in our SUVs. Our airport shuttle service has also been very busy since our clients really wanted to make sure that they will be taken care of by a reputable transportation company in Utah.

This situation also taught us to be innovative. Intimate parties and dates happened in our limos as many of us really miss the company of their friends and loved ones. Eventually, after a few months, we were back on the road again for new normal weddings.

Self-Care is a must.

No matter what your lifestyle was before the pandemic, there is always a need for you to take care of yourself.  Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Do not let the situation get the better of you. Focus your energy on things that will make you feel better about yourself. Doing exercises at home will also help your mental health. Some opted to redecorate their house since they had more time at home. Some people learned new recipes to cook for their family. For busy people from the corporate world, they had their chance to finally play the game on their PlayStation after too many “laters” have passed.

Some of us just cannot help but go out. They love outdoors. They love nature. This is why some of VIP Limousine’s clients still booked limousines in the course of this global pandemic to get a taste of the outside world even inside the limousine. We made sure that our vehicles are properly sanitized. The good thing is even before, we already have partitions in our limousines which helped to lessen physical contact from the chauffeur.


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