Sundance 2020

Here at VIP Limousine, we're always looking ahead to what's coming next, whether it be changes in the transportation industry, trends for our business, or local events. Every January is the big one for Utah, with round-the-clock travel logistics, weather which can change on the fly, and thousands of miles logged on the road. That event is the Sundance Film Festival, and the 2020 event is looking to loom large over the Wasatch.

Salt Lake City International Airport becomes extremely busy, with all lanes piling up with cars. The hotels are full, and rental homes are packed with hardly any space remaining. Park City roads become gridlock, and with any added snowstorms, it starts to resemble a freeway in Los Angeles. 

But this is where we come in. With decades of Sundance experience under our belts, our team is prepared to get you where you need to go in safety, comfort, and style. Our luxurious fleet undergoes extra preparation for the weather changes, and we map out some of the hot spots and tough locations to avoid when traffic is at its worst. We work with our individual clients to also identify their specific needs to ensure that any event runs as smoothly as possible. 

The festival has several hundred films spread out across multiple locations, including Park City, Sundance Resort, and the Salt Lake City area. Ranging from feature-length productions to documentaries on obscure but interesting subjects, the festival attracts thousands of visitors from the film industry, as well as the film casts, crew members, their families, studio executives, talent agents, and studio, streaming, and production companies. It's a fun chance for the locals to rub shoulders with the rich and famous and take advantage of many of the local elements Park City has to offer.

But in the interim, there's still plenty going on outside of the Sundance Film Festival. One notable absence during this time are large crowds on the ski slopes at Park City and Deer Valley, which we gladly serve year-round. This means that there is plenty of the famous Utah powder to go around that will be staying relatively untouched; this also extends over into the Cottonwood Canyons. It's a perfect time to take advantage of Utah's main draw outside of peak season times.

However, whatever brings you to Utah, we're glad you're here to see what our wonderful state has to offer, and we'd be happy to show you around. Call us today for your reservations today and be prepared to experience the #drivenbetter difference.