We Want Orem or Nothing!

Planning to visit Orem, Utah? Here are some fun facts that you need to know before packing your bags!   Orem is the fifth largest city in Utah by size. It has a total land area of 18.5 square miles. This city’s 2019 population was estimated at 97,000+. It is part of Utah county, which is in the northern part […]

The Bold and Beautiful Murray

Murray is Utah’s fourteenth largest city. It was named after its territorial governor Eli Murray. Previously, he served in the Union Army during the American Civil War as colonel of the 3rd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment. Accordingly, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general when the war ended. Murray has a total area of 12.32 square miles. Currently, its […]

Ready, Sandy, Go!

Sandy is the sixth largest city in Utah. It has a total area of 24.15 square miles with just 0.01 square miles of water. To date, its population is estimated at 97,000. Sandy is 14 miles from Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City. Sandy is known for various parks and shopping centers home to major brands. Let’s take a quick trip […]

Oh my Ogden!

Ogden is a city in Utah known for its historic buildings as well as its historic 25th Street. This city is located north of Salt Lake and has a population of 87,000 + and an area of 71 square kilometers, just a quarter of Salt Lake City’s area. Ogden may be relatively small, but it captivates the hearts of tourists […]

Are you ready for Draper City?

Draper is a city within the Salt Lake County, located 20 miles south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front. It has a population of 48,000. Draper’s total area is 29.96 sq mi with just 0.01 sq mi of water. It was originally named Draperville, after the first presiding elder of the small Mormon congregation in town, William Draper […]