Summertime in Utah!

As the snow has (finally) melted everywhere (except at the highest peaks) around the Wasatch Front, we at VIP Limousine have been tuning up our air conditioners and preparing for the summer months of limo service. But now that prom season is over, what can you use a limo for? We have a lot of answers for you, because the fun doesn't stop with the dances!

For one thing, it's wedding season, and a limousine is the perfect vehicle to make the big day special. Brides and grooms put our fleet to all kinds of use beyond just picking them up from the reception and taking them to their overnight hotel or the airport; the bridal party and guests can come along for the ride, too! Limousines are much more special and fun than a regular shuttle service, with the length gliding by, lights flashing inside, and space for drinks and food aplenty awaiting passengers.

Got a birthday party coming up? We've got you covered! Instead of everybody driving to a location and trying to coordinate the logistics, it's far easier to congregate as a group in advance and have a vehicle which can carry everyone be at your beck and call. With a high-powered stereo and all of the creature comforts you expect in a limousine, it's also a much more fun experience! 

The other big summertime event is concerts. With thousands of people gathered together to watch their favorite performers live and in person, the energy is electric and memorable. However, there are some challenges. One of them is gathering everyone together to make the experience more enjoyable. Another, which plagues most large events in Salt Lake City and other places in Utah, is parking. But one benefit of a limousine is your entire group can travel together, and you don't have to worry about parking! We deal with the logistics and the driving, and you get to continue your experience of having a blast. Passengers are free to eat and drink in our limousines, including alcohol, so there's no need to risk a DUI as you are transported safely and stylishly wherever you want to go. 

Do you have a custom event that's not on this list? Contact us for your transportation needs and we'll make it special! 

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