Read Through Our Limousine FAQ

Due to receiving many questions, this is our Frequently Asked Questions page for VIP Limousine. If you have additional questions that are not listed below, feel free to reach us here.

Food and Drinks

Q: Can I drink alcohol in the vehicles?

A: Yes, state law requires a partition to separate passengers and chauffeurs. Please ask us which vehicles are equipped with partitions.


Q: Can I bring food and drink in the vehicles?

A: Yes, passengers may bring any food and drink in all of our vehicles, so long as they are non-alcoholic.


VIP Limousine and Black Car Rules

Q: Can I smoke or vape in the limousines or Black Cars?

A: No, all of our vehicles are 100% smoke free with no exceptions. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other drugs. There is a fine for violating this rule per our reservation agreements.


Q: Do you have capacity limits on your limousines and Black car service?

A: Yes, each of our individual vehicles have legal seating capacity limits in line with DOT regulations. We cannot load more passengers than what is legally allowed. Please call our office to find out more regarding each limousine option.


Q: What qualifications do your limousine drivers have?

A: Each driver/chauffeur has to pass an FBI-based background check, drug testing, and undergo a standardized training regimen including defensive driving. Therefore, you are in safe hands!

Black Car and Limo Pricing, Policy, and Procedure

Q: What kind of insurance do you have?

A: Our insurance coverage exceeds the requirements mandated by the State of Utah and is appropriate for livery service.


Q: What is included in your limo pricing?

A: Everything! We include fuel, taxes, and other fees in all of our quotes so you know how much you are paying upfront. For limousine services, gratuity is extra and at client discretion, though we recommend 15-20%.


Q: Can we come see the limousines before we book?

A: Yes, we take appointments to make sure the vehicle is available. Please call 801-288-9494 to schedule.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our general cancellation policy is 24 hours for our car service, with exceptions during special events. For our limousines, the cancellation policy is 7 days, however our required deposits are non-refundable.