Safety First: Maintenance

Our fleet is the pride, joy, and backbone of VIP Limousine. With passengers across the Wasatch Front trusting us for 30 years, our Salt Lake City-based service has run reliably, comfortably, and safely since inception. 

Part of how we do this is by maintaining our fleet to high standards, with safety always coming first. A transportation company can have the best service and the snazziest fleet, but if they can't get you there in one piece and on time, there's no point. Our preventative maintenance program ensures that there are no troubles on the road.

One thing we do at VIP Limousine is follow safety standards which exceed industry and state minimums. We check our vehicles on a set schedule with multi-point inspections done by certified mechanics. Chauffeurs point out anything out of the ordinary to us immediately, and we make sure the affected vehicle is safe to send out first before it returns to service.

Utah does have a distinction of being a hot and high state, with a desert climate and tall mountains, so vehicle cooling systems are crucial for comfortable and safe operation. We inspect ours thoroughly prior and throughout the summer months so that engines run smoothly and can take our vehicles up and down steep gradients without sweating, let alone steaming by the side of the road.

When you are searching for a car or limo service, be sure to ask the critical questions about your safety. At VIP Limousine, we can answer all of them with confidence, honesty, and accuracy.

Safety First: Livery Insurance

At VIP Limousine, our absolute #1 priority is the safety of all of our clients and our chauffeurs. When you are out on the road, you should be able to proceed with complete confidence, because none of the glittering lights, champagne flutes, powerful stereos, lacquered wood, and plush leather mean anything if something goes awry. 

Approximately 1 year prior to the publication of this blog, Hasy Limousines in upstate New York was at the center of one of the worst individual transportation accidents in recent memory. The chauffeur was not qualified to drive the vehicle, an SUV stretch limo which had failed a mandatory safety inspection and was not road-worthy. This is entirely preventable, even in Utah where there are fewer regulations governing safety of limos.

We at VIP Limousine use a common sense approach to safety, training each of our chauffeurs on defensive driving and bad weather in order to navigate all variety of trouble. We regularly inspect all of our vehicles to the standards and frequency expected and mandated by the USDOT. This includes the drivetrain and internal safety equipment, as well as capping passenger capacity. As a result, our company has a great safety record. However, what if something DOES go awry?

That's where insurance comes in. Livery insurance is different from regular car insurance in a few ways. First of all, it's often quite expensive, taking up a good portion of operating costs. It covers multiple vehicles in a fleet with high limits and deductibles for larger passenger capacities. Secondly, it has to cover a wide variety of other entities, including local municipalities (like Salt Lake City) where a company does business and other livery companies which may work in conjunction, usually in an affiliate relationship. Finally, there's also the matter of proper coverage. 

Some insurance policies won't meet certain state minimum standards, and therefore cannot be used in certain areas. In other instances, the coverage provided by a particular policy may not be enough. This is why we start looking at policies and alternatives up to 6 months in advance of our renewal. 

We have stringent requirements for what this must look like. For one, the policy must be affordable for the company to operate. There's no point in splurging if it puts you out of work. It must also be able to cover all vehicles in the fleet, and it must also meet or exceed state minimum standards. Our staff spent months searching for the right new policy, and didn't settle until after going through several dozen of them.

What does this mean for you? It means we can operate safely and securely above the state minimum standards. We can work in conjunction with more affiliates across the country and around the world, connecting you better than before. Further, it also means that our prices do not have to rise to offset cost, keeping our limo services affordable and competitive with the local market. That is just part of why our clients are #drivenbetter.

Special thanks to Joy and the rest of her team at our new brokerage for working with us! 

Flashback Friday

Remember when these were the standards on the roads? We do too! However, times have changed and we look forward to upgrades and new limousine options.

USANA, or: How VIP Limousine Does Big Events


At least once a year, USANA Health Sciences hosts their annual convention in Salt Lake City, and north central Utah becomes abuzz with other convention activities. The SLC Airport gets unusually busy, and we are all hands on deck around the clock. With all of our limos out and about for clients, the biggest, busiest, and best limo service in Utah is firing on all cylinders at full capacity. 

With international arrivals and changing flights as needed, we staff the airport and have the stretch limousines on rotation for up to 16 hours at a time. In the meantime, we also have other clientele going to other locations and still set up to provide the same quality service simultaneously. While USANA is focused primarily on downtown Salt Lake for their convention travel, our other clients are traveling all across the state for business or pleasure. 

Even with some language barriers and luggage missing in other cities, our staff and chauffeurs accommodated all of the variables to ensure a smooth service for all passengers all day, night, and the following day as well. The Grand America saw a lot of Hummers, Escalades, and Lincolns with our arrivals.

After the initial day of arrivals, the number of trips still continued to climb as late arrivals and flight cancellations had their schedules changed to the following day as the main events began. Even with this change, we got everyone where they needed to be in a timely and luxurious fashion, even accompanied by a police escort for an initial red carpet arrival. 

Between all of these and an exclusive dinner event, we still had other clients with transportation needs around the city and valley for events of their own. With successful juggling of logistics, these extra trips went off without a hitch.

Even when our dedicated staff and chauffeurs are loaded to the max, we look to execute the same great service across all levels and to all clients. If you have a big event in Utah, we're your one-stop shop!

Summertime Soirée

What do you call 200 people, catering, make-up samples, a jammed church parking lot, VIP Limousine's Escalade, and a white-out theme at a party?

It's called a summertime soirée! 

The Salt Lake valley is churning with events amok during the summertime, which spill beyond the reaches of the capital city limits. In this instance, our VP of Operations took our Escalade down to the city of Draper for an event hosted by Jordan Page. Jordan is a bit of a local celebrity amongst Utah families and moms, and has also appeared on national and international talk shows as a guest. These include heavy hitters such as Rachael Ray and Today on NBC and in Australia. As we discovered on that evening, she also knows how to throw a mean party featuring local businesses, such as Costa VidaSodalicious, and Shine Cosmetics.

We like to show up plenty early for events, driving the route in advance and setting up to coordinate with other attendees and businesses so we may operate most effectively. Sheen, Dalton, and Chip, all representatives for Shine, helped set up in the parking lot for make-up trials and touch-up, as well as creating space to park cars, pull up the limo, and get attendees lined up.

Given that some of the staff would simply be working or volunteering their time all night, we made sure that those who wanted got a picture with the limousine before they set up shop for the rest of the evening. Some of the hosts also got into a themed costume for the night, while we stocked up our business cards throughout the limo for those who wanted to take one. We also came prepared with water and ice, and got a little creative with the chalk window marker.

Once guests began to arrive, we started the limo shuttle service, winding through Draper neighborhoods in the long black Escalade from the church parking lot to the Page residence, making 1 round trip every 10 minutes or so. With the air conditioning on full and the Kenwood stereo blaring from Bluetooth, it was a cool and comfortable party every time for the next 5 hours as Sheen touched up make-up and Dalton got everybody fired up.

Upon arrival at the residence, the overhead drone captured shots of guests exiting the limo and gathering around the entrance, whereupon they went through to a photobooth and tents with reps and products from different companies. Many of them did a livestream of the ride, sharing it with all of their followers, and some requested extra pictures, too.

After a brief break downing some extra ice cream sandwiches, our guy got back to it taking attendees back to the parking lot. With darkness falling, the opera lights on the side of the limo, coupled with the LED and xenon lights, lit up the night sharply as the long Cadillac chariot rolled through the neighborhood more. 

This was definitely a fun event! Local and small businesses are what drive Utah's economy and can influence beyond the state borders, too, especially since many of them are adopting an online presence.