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VIP Limousine: Utah’s Best Limo

Utahns in social media are raving about VIP Limousine and posting about Utah’s best limo company. Most of these posts are with the company’s hashtag, #drivenbetter. We have been receiving superb feedback from our clientele… Read more.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years…Oh My!

With the weather getting a little bit more frightful, our limos become even more delightful! VIP Limousine’s service does not slow down or stop when the snow hits. Instead, we break out the hot chocolate, blankets, and tunes of joy… Read More.

Safety First: Maintenance

Our fleet is the pride, joy, and backbone of VIP Limousine. With passengers across the Wasatch Front trusting us for 30 years, our Salt Lake City-based service has run reliably, comfortably, and safely since inception… Read More.

Safety First: Livery Insurance

At VIP Limousine, our absolute #1 priority is the safety of all of our clients and our chauffeurs. When you are out on the road, you should be able to proceed with complete confidence, because none of the glittering lights, champagne flutes, powerful stereos, lacquered wood, and plush leather mean anything if something goes awry… Read More.

Flashback Friday

Remember when these were the standards on the roads? We do too! However, times have changed and we look forward to upgrades and new limousine options… Read More.

USANA, or: How VIP Limousine Does Big Events

At least once a year, USANA Health Sciences hosts their annual convention in Salt Lake City, and north central Utah becomes abuzz with other convention activities. The SLC Airport gets unusually busy, and we are all hands on deck around the clock. With all of our limos out and about for clients, the biggest, busiest, and best limo service in Utah is firing on all cylinders at full capacity… Read More.

Summertime Soirée

What do you call 200 people, catering, make-up samples, a jammed church parking lot, VIP Limousine‘s Escalade, and a white-out theme at a party?… Read More.

Convention Season!

August has hit Utah, with it comes convention time! Downtown Salt Lake City and the suburbs are buzzing with events before school resumes, and we at VIP Limousine have been at the center of it all. With guests traveling into the Salt Lake City International Airport, to downtown hotels and the University of Utah, and to Park City and Utah County, our fleet and chauffeurs have been everywhere. So how do we do it?… Read More.

More Than a Limousine Service

As the summertime continues onwards in Utah, there are plenty of activities and conventions in the Wasatch Front and beyond at the resorts and smaller towns… Read More.

Summertime in Utah!

As the snow has (finally) melted everywhere (except at the highest peaks) around the Wasatch Front, we at VIP Limousine have been tuning up our air conditioners and preparing for the summer months of limo service. But now that prom season is over, what can you use a limo for? We have a lot of answers for you, because the fun doesn’t stop with the dances… Read More.

Prom Season 2019

One of the most fun seasons for us at VIP Limousine is just after the peak of wintertime, when the high schools start gearing up for prom season. The young ladies in their colorful dresses, the guys in tailored tuxes, all gathered together for pictures in formation, having a nice dinner, dancing for several hours…it’s one of the most memorable nights of many Utah teenaged youth, let alone for those across the country… Read More.

New blog and the 2019 International LCT Show!

Welcome to VIP Limousine’s new blog! The old site had some issues, so we have decided to start from scratch with The Driven Better Difference. If you haven’t read our content before, then welcome! If you have before, let’s recap… Read More.